Bournemouth Local Studies Publications  Online ‘searchable text’ PDF versions of  some the much loved booklets for you to download.....
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During the 1980s and 1990s, Bournemouth Local Studies Publications - based at the Teachers’ Centre in Lowther Rd - published a collection of booklets and pamphlets on a selection of local history subjects, all written by local authors. These small booklets, packed with fascinating details about our local past, were often only printed in relatively small numbers, and it can be difficult to find copies of many of them these days. With the authors’ permissions, we have ‘digitised’ some of these volumes, and present them here for anyone to download and enjoy, free of charge. (John Young, the author of ‘Winton and Moordown 1894-1901’ is sadly no longer with us. His fellow authors have suggested that he might well have approved of his work being use in this context, and we have taken the liberty of including it.) The only stipulation the authors have made is that these new online PDF versions are not to be used for commercial gain in any way.    They are simply to be used for educational, recreational or research purposes, and may be freely copied for those uses. The copyright of the original text remains the property of the authors.   Just click on any of the images below to download a copy of the associated book. (Use your back button to come back here) One advantage of these new ‘digital’ versions is that the text is now ‘searchable.’ This can be very useful when looking for a specific reference.... Mike Edgington’s two volumes on Bournemouth during both world wars have already been online for some time.  The images below simply link to the existing locations of those excellent books.  The other volumes are newly digitised.  We hope that more will follow soon....
Bournemouth and the Second World War (M.A. Edgington)
Bournemouth and the First World War (M.A.Edgington)
Winton and Moordown A Detailed Survey of the Years 1894 - 1901 (J.M.A Young)
The Ensbury Park Race Course and Airfield Bournemouth (John Barker)
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My Story - Memories of Bournemouth and District in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (Pascoe Marshall)
A Winton Story Family Memories from the early 20th century (Nellie Hoare)
‘The Growth of Winton’  in the 19th and 20th Centuries (S.J. Lands)
‘Old Kinson’  The history of a river valley village (S.J. Lands)
‘The Leybourne Estate’  The story of the racecourse development (M.Stead)
‘Farmer West ‘’  Tales from the very early days